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Keyless Digital Door Locks Single Sided Keypads

Lockey L235 Keyless Digital Door Lock
Lockey 2430 Keyless Digital Door Lock
Lockey-1150 Keyless Door lock.jpg
Lockey LD950.jpg

Keyless Digital Door Locks Double Sided Keypads

2430DS Lockey Door Lock
1150DS Lockey Door Lock
LD900 Lockey Door Lock Case

Heavy Door Hinges Shut It Bad Ass Range


Keyless Digital Key Safes

LKS200 Lockey Key Safe

Keyless Locker & Cabinet Door Locks

LC200 Lockey Keyless Cabinet Lock
Lockey Locker Lock Wet Areas
Combination Slide Bolt
C10 Lockey Pull handle

Door Closers

Easy Door Closer

Door Holders

ZE Door Holders

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Gas Springs

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Welcome to Door Control Gear, we are the door control and door security product specialists. We supply a range of high quality and reliable door products in the UK and worldwide. Our range includes Lockey keyless digital door locks, door dampers, door locks, door latches, garage door locks, lift door dampers aswell as general door hardware.


Featuring some of the most trusted and respected manufacturers and brands in the industry, we offer a extensive range of products all designed to protect and secure properties of all kinds.

We are a family business, based in Kent, UK. Between the two principles we have over 50 years of experience in both the gate and door industries.


Having worked extensively in both UK and International markets, focusing on the design, production and distribution of innovative and highly reliable pedestrian gate and door products.

Our approach to our business is simple. We aim to provide a full package of customer-centric products and services, that ensure everyone who has contact with our company keeps returning. We understand that it's not always about customers choosing a product from a list, its about helping customers to specify and purchase the correct products through advice and consultation.

If you have any questions, simply call us on 01634 819651 or email us