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Heavy door hinges can help increase the structural integrity of a heavy door. Weaker hinges may not be able to hold the weight of a heavier door and will eventually start to bend, warp or even break over time. Door Control Gear are door security product specialists and offer a range of door hinges for heavy doors. 
Shut It Badass Hinge
Barrel CI3950

The barrel style Shut It Badass Hinge is easily the strongest and most durable of the heavy door hinges available on the market. The Shut It Badass range of heavy door hinges are designed for installation on doors which are of a heavy weight and made for load bearing. 


The hinge can swing 180 degrees when required and offers a simple bolt on installation. 

  • Max Door Weight: 680kg/1,500lbs

  • Max Load Rating Per Door: 1,360kg/3,000lbs

• Ideal for nearly all flat frame installations
• Bolt-on and weld-on installations
• Swings 180º if required
• Load rating per door: 1,360kg (3,000 lbs)
• Maximum door weight: 680kg (1,500 lbs)

Shut It Badass Hinge
Strap 6"CI3900 & 10" CI3925

The Shut It Badass strap hinges are of excellent quality. They are the best of the UK heavy door hinges on the market and offer high durability. The Shut It Badass Hinge 6” and 10” Strap hinges are both suitable for weighted doors. Both lengths are incredibly robust and have been engineered and manufactured with high precision. 


They are well suited to doors that are motorised and heavy. They will require that they are welded on at installation. They offer a 180 degree swing. The external components of the hinges are coated in Zinc to aid in durability. 

  • Max Door Weight: 680kg/1,500

  • Max Load Rating Per Door: 1,360kg/3,000lbs

• Suitable for motorised & heavy doors
• For square-framed, weld-on installations
• Zinc electroplated external components
• Swings 180º , fixed gap variance 13mm (1/2")
• Leaf straps can be cut to length
• Load rating per door: 1,360kg (3,000 lbs)
• Maximum door weight: 680kg (1,500 lbs)

Shut It Badass Hinge Barrel For Heavy Duty Doors
The Shut It Bad Ass Strap Door hinge

Buy Heavy Door Hinges UK

Door Control Gear offers a range of heavy door hinges to choose from. If you require door security product specialists, why not give our expert team at Door Control Gear a call today and see how we can help? Our helpful team will be delighted to help answer any queries. 

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