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Lockey 2435 Keyless Door Lock
Lockey 2435 with Spring Latch
Lockey Spring Latch
Lockey Colours
Lockey 2435 Dims


with Mortice Latch Bolt + Hold Open


  • LATCH BOLT (With anti-thrust pin)

  • BACKSET 60mm (12mm throw)

  • HOLD BACK FACILITY (No code, just push door open)

  • KNOB (Front), LEVER (Back)


  • FINISHES - SC, BB, AB & JB (SC recommended for external use)

The Lockey 2435 with Mortice Latch Bolt & Hold Open can be used for internal and external use, providing durable door access management with it's unique Hold Open function. This allows the door to be able to open freely without requiring the entry of the code, allowing faster access. 

  • Dimensions:  H 143mm x  W 41mm x D 22mm (41mm Incl. Knob)

  • Latch Bolt

  • Standard Keypad with 14 press buttons.

  • Knobs have slipping clutch to prevent damage if forced.

  • Material - Zinc Plated Steel & Teflon coated stainless steel internal components to enhance operation and delay natural wear and tear.

  • For internal & external use.

  • Over 7,000 code groups

  • Code easily changed by authorised persons

  • FIRE TESTED in accordance with BS EN 1634-1: 2014 & BS EN 1363-1: 2012 (Tested/assessed in conjunction with the Lockey Intumescent Kit).


The Lockey Keyless Digital Door Lock is "The Original" brand digital door lock of its design and regarded by most as the best quality on the market. Yes, cheap digital locks do have their uses, but if you want something to give reliable performance and not keep having to replace it, then always buy a "Lockey".

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