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Door Holders keep doors in any position that you require. They can be used as a mechanical stop to enable access through a doorway without the door closing onto the user. The door is free moving until the product is activated by pressing down on the top of the plunger with the users foot. The product is de-activated by the user simply touching the release tab with their toe.

The holders are available in four sizes covering most height differences between the bottom of the door and the floor (25mm, 60mm, 75mm & 90mm). The dimensions shown are the amount of travel that each model has.

Most door holders do not work well on slippery, uneven or polished floors. This door holder has an additional spring in the bottom of the foot that applies additional force to the high quality rubber foot, which then provides high amounts of grip to the surface that it is pushing against.

The solid construction (cast) of the door holder body, makes the door holder very robust and resistant to vandalism. The Door Holders are non-corroding. All the metal parts are made of either aluminium or stainless steel, including all the internal parts.The door holder is therefore ideal for use externally and in humid environments.

When selecting the mounting position of the door holder, make sure it can be easily reached when the door is open. The Door Holder should be mounted as near to the closing edge of the door as possible. The rubber foot should be at the same height as the lower edge of the door.

If your door application has not been described above, please contact us and we will be pleased to advise you further.


Dictator ZE Door Holders

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