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Keyless Digital Door Locks Single Sided Keypads

Lockey L235 Keyless Digital Door Lock
Lockey 2430 Keyless Digital Door Lock
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Door Control Gear are door security product specialists based in Kent. We offer a variety of trustworthy and premium quality door products to both the United Kingdom and globally. Our selection of door products includes door latches, door locks, digital door locks as well as door dampers and locks for garage doors. We also offer a range of other door products.


The Door Security Specialists You Can Trust

Here at Door Control Gear, we feature door products from a plethora of top class, reliable manufacturers who are industry leaders with a range of innovative products. All of our products available are specifically designed to keep you and your property safe and secure. Our door products are suitable for a range of different types of doors and properties. Our range includes Lockey keyless digital door locks, door dampers, door locks, door latches, garage door locks, lift door dampers as well as general door hardware.


We are a family-run company that takes great satisfaction with being equipped to provide a variety of door products throughout the UK. With a total far exceeding 50 years' of expertise in the gate and door industries. 


In order to produce quality door and gate solutions that our clients know they can depend on, we trade across foreign markets in addition to our marketplace within the United Kingdom. We achieve this by combining premium components of development, supply, design, and manufacturing.

Solutions Made Simple

Door Control Gear likes to make solutions simple, with the goal of offering a comprehensive selection of customer focused products and solutions that meet their needs and requirements. That's why we offer help through every step of the process, from choosing a product, to installation. For more information, why not contact a member of our team today or simply call us on 01634 819651

Keyless Digital Door Locks Double Sided Keypads

2430DS Lockey Door Lock
1150DS Lockey Door Lock
LD900 Lockey Door Lock Case

Heavy Door Hinges Shut It Bad Ass Range


Keyless Digital Key Safes

LKS200 Lockey Key Safe

Keyless Locker & Cabinet Door Locks

LC200 Lockey Keyless Cabinet Lock
Lockey Locker Lock Wet Areas
Combination Slide Bolt
C10 Lockey Pull handle

Door Closers

Easy Door Closer

Door Holders

ZE Door Holders

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