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Keyless Digital Door Locks Single Sided Keypads

We have both single-sided keypads and double-sided keypads for you to choose from, giving you safe and coded access wherever you need it. We also offer heavy-duty keyless door locks too for locations where security is of prime importance as well as a full range of digital door locks too. We have Light-Duty Locks, including Lockey Digital Keyless Door Lock L235 and Medium-Duty Locks including Lockey Digital Keyless Door Lock 2435 and 2835. We also have Heavy-Duty Digital Keyless Door Locks including the 1150. Browse our range!  

Lockey Keycode Lock 2435.jpg

Keyless Digital Door Locks Double Sided Keypads

Browse our incredible range of Keyless Digital Door Locks with Double Sided Keypads, offering coded access on both sides of your doors. We have Medium-Duty Locks, including Lockey Digital Keyless Door Lock 2430DS and Lockey Digital Keyless Door Lock 2835DS. We also have Heavy-duty Locks including Lockey Digital Keyless Door Lock 1150DS and Accessories For Keyless Digital locks, including Lockey LD900Lockey LD930, Lockey LD950. Browse our range!  

2430DS Lockey Door Lock
1150DS Lockey Door Lock
LD900 Lockey Door Lock Case

Keyless Locker & Cabinet Door Locks

LC200 Lockey Keyless Cabinet Lock
Lockey Locker Lock Wet Areas
Combination Slide Bolt
C10 Lockey Pull handle

Our skills are not just used for door locks, we also offer a range of door dampers too. Whether you need lift door dampers or heavy-duty commercial door dampers, we have products that are sure to impress. Popular options include the Commercial Door Damper Justor Retaining Brake FR, Door Damper DD10, Door Damper DD14, Door Damper DD16, Door Damper DD20 and a huge variety of lift door dampers. Take a look at our range now.

Heavy Door Hinges Shut It Bad Ass Range

Heavy door hinges can help increase the structural integrity of a heavy door. Weaker hinges may not be able to hold the weight of a heavier door and will eventually start to bend, warp or even break over time. The Shut It Badass Hinge Barrel is easily the strongest and most durable of the heavy door hinges available on the market. The Shut It Badass range of heavy door hinges are designed for installation on doors which are of a heavy weight and made for load bearing. The Shut It Badass Strap Hinges are of excellent quality. They are the best of the UK heavy door hinges on the market and offer high durability. The Shut It Badass Hinge 6” and 10” Strap hinges are both suitable for weighted doors. Check out our collection. 

Keyless Digital Key Safes

LKS200 Lockey Key Safe

Door Closers

Want to avoid slamming or loud closing noises? Our Easy Door Closer is the ideal solution and works on both your gates and your doors, keeping noise to a minimum and helping you to avoid slamming accidents from occurring.
Easy Door Closer

Door Holders

Door holders are great additions to any commercial or domestic door which you wish to prevent from closing on its own. You no longer have to worry about having to constantly open a door that needs a code or a keycard to access. 
With a door holder, you can simply keep the door opened for as long as you need and then remove it to allow the door to shut. This is incredibly useful if you have to pass through a particular door while carrying heavy loads.

Why not have a look at the large range of other door security products that Door Control Gear has on offer? With a wide range of equipment suitable for both domestic and commercial use.   
ZE Door Holders

Door Locks

Combination Slide Bolt
Rimlock Garage Door

Door Latches

Side pull Door Lock
Customer Assistance

Whether you are a business or a private customer, the Door Control Gear team is here to help. We make it our goal to provide every customer with the information and options needed to make a fully informed choice. If you have any questions that you need help with or have found a product you are interested in, get in touch with our time and let us help – when you choose Door Control Gear, you can be confident that you are getting the quality and safety that you deserve.
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Click to see our extensive range of high quality and robust gate closers, gate locks, gate latches, gate hinges and much more .......

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Gas Springs

Click to see our full range of bespoke gas springs and design services that we offer to our gas spring customers ......

Welcome to Door Control Gear (DCG), a door security product supplier in the UK and Europe. Our mission is to provide all of our clients with the very best door products so that you can feel safe and secure at all times. Our product range includes latches, locks, digital locks and much more. In fact, if you have a specific door security product in mind, we will be able to source it for you!


Quality Products From a Family-Owned Business

Finding a door security specialist that is reliable and knowledgeable doesn’t need to be difficult, especially when you come to Door Control Gear. We have over 50 years of experience and are a family-owned business that works hard to provide personalised support to every customer that comes to us. We take pride in keeping our knowledge up to date and enjoy sourcing new security solutions that will keep you safe and your home or business safe too. Our range includes Lockey keyless digital door locks, door dampers, door locks, door latches, garage door locks, lift door dampers as well as general door hardware.

Wide Range of Solutions to Meet Your Needs

At Door Control Gear, we work hard to make each of our door-locking solutions simple for you to choose from and suitable for all your needs. We also offer an advice service to help you choose the items you need so that you can feel confident in your purchases. Whether you want to know which type of locking system is right for your door, what dampers or hinges you need or which door types are best for your lock installation, we are here for you – just reach out to our team.

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